About HG Group

About Us

They say that only the best can stand the test of time. The HG Group has definitely come out with flying colors in the so-called test of time and has become a name to reckon with when it comes to trust. A dream envisioned by Late Seth Shree HimmatRam Jee Agarwal in 1913, is now a legacy woven in the life of several. He based his leadership on an inspirational and positive picture of the future, as well as clear sense of direction as to how to get there.

HG group is well diversified having exposure in the fields of real estates, commodities, warehousing and pharmaceuticals, as a result of clear vision and commitment of perfection, HG group stands tall and stands committed even after more than 100 years of its inception. The empire passed on to the great visionary Late Seth Shree Ghasiram Jee Agarwal then to Late Seth Shree Govind Prasad Jee Agarwal afterwards to the great veteran Late Shree Bhanu Prakash Jee Agarwal.

At present, the organization is being expertly headed by his two talents endowed sons, Mr. Dheeraj Prakash Agarwal and Mr. Ashish Agarwal, who are all set to take the company to new heights. Youth and dynamism are two great ingredients that produce a supreme recipe to scale new high. Ahead long, the group is starting to delve into numerous ambitious projects that would shift the skyline of many cities forever.

HG Group Brand

"HG Group" is single of the most esteemed and famous brands in India. It opens doors; attracts talented people; reassures customers and pays us the credibility to move into fresh marketplaces.

We have a strong culture that is benefiting from new people joining us all over India. As we grow, it’s important to recognise what unifies us culturally and what differentiates us from our competition; in essence, brand.