To further develop our corporate strengths we have established a corporate mandate to maintain hardcore values that truly reflect the company’s philosophy and mindset. Having endured the test of time, transparency and sound corporate governance remain our top agenda.

At HG the principle supporting this philosophy is permanently impressed in our corporate values. Thus, The foundation of HG Group’s corporate philosophy is to “build trust” and we are ardently committed to this belief. Thus we expect all our potential employees to think and dream big while having the necessary skills and temperament to translate those dreams into concrete reality.

We also believe that great landmarks and edifices are built by teams and to that extent, the ability to gel and work cohesively in teams is paramount to us.

At HG, we realize the value of our people and continually endeavor to develop human resources. We recruit knowledgeable and extremely skilled professionals while providing opportunities in breeding and self-growth.

HG’s firm commitment to deliver quality projects and services has resulted in the company’s acceptance as one of the leading developers in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Our well-defined understanding of client specifications and their requirement for timely delivery has served as the principal foundation for our acceptance as an industry master.

After 100 years, we have gained a reputation for integrity and trust from our customers. Our commitment and drive for success have built a strong foundation of satisfied clients who carry on utilizing our services whenever needed. HG’s integrity speaks for itself and a legacy of past commitments has ensured the continued success while opening doors for future opportunities.

Seeing our customers has afforded us the chance to take on various engineering requirements to meet labor requirements. This includes the flexibility to adjust construction specifications when necessary. This adaptability and flexibility are the most important components that have encouraged our customers to give back to HG for their most significant projects.
At HG, learning is ongoing. We consider integrating the latest in construction and engineering technology to ensure that our labors are not compromised by disruptions or obsolescence. Our IT and communications network has provided the backbone support necessary to propel us ahead into the 21st C. This engineering is integrated into all projects with a funding system that is innovative and effective.
With decades of our expertise under our belt, HG has earned the confidence and support numerous times from both clients and peers, we are confident in our ability to deliver superior products in accordance with client demand.
At HG, our work is never complete without the final nod of approval from our customers. Building and engineering work is processed through stringent quality control criteria and only after tedious inspection and tests by our engineers, architects, and MEP consultants before the project is handed over to the customer. We are dedicated to our client’s approval and our work does not end until all specifications have been gathered.
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